Travellers, students and workers still use a mouse or trackpad when they are aorund the world.

Trackpad or medium-low mouses sometimes are uncomfortable and take space.

Using top laptops and mouses is expensive and you may not need it.

Is there something more efficent?

Nowadays we use smartphones for everything.

There are millions of apps to do whatever we want.
You don’t need examples, our life is partially in our pockets.
And this is not something completely wrong.

By using it we can save money and time and semplify many aspects of your life.


I have imagined and would like to propose a cover-mouse for travellers and students who want something functional and useful.

You just have to connect your cover with your computer by Bluetooth and then use your smartphone as a mouse by moving it.

Through the app, which is displayed on your screen, you can switch the cover on or off and click the left or right buttons.

It’s easier, more functional and cheaper than the alternatives.


Little no competition.
Other applications don’t allow you to move your smartphone, but you have to move your finger on the screen. No comfortable.


Probabily, it will be a rechargeable product.


Introduce purchases in app as different templates to personalize the interface.


Workers and students coulb prefer Ipad or smartphones istead of computers

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