This year I’ve started to study at university and I have realized that this new beginning means, among other things, responsibility and independence.
Like all the other students that live and study away from home, I have learnt a lot of new things and improve others, such as cooking or using a washing machine.
Thanks to this new situation I’m living, this new idea has come out.

Shoot and choose.

“Is there an easy way to cook something not terrible with the ingredients that I have right now?”
This is the question of where my idea starts to take shape.
It was an evening like any other, but I was annoyed by the usual dishes, so I opened the fridge half empty and started to secure it, without finding a solution.
In the end, an idea came up, a digital idea of course.

MangIA: artificial intelligence in a dish.

I have imagined an easy and funny app with a specific target: teenagers.
In two easy steps you can find a delicious recipe to cook only with the ingredients that you have.
You just have to take a photo and choose a recipe.
The artificial intelligence will recognize the ingredients and propose you different results according to these.

For the design and the other functionalities I tried to imagine this app out of the box and took inspiration from Snapchat.
The app has three main sections that can be reached through the menu at the bottom.
Every user registered can save the recipes that he/she likes most or publish new ones.
The section “Discover” is divided into categories such as “starter”, “main course”, “dessert” or “Recipes selected for you”.
Gestures between sections and videos that explain recipes make the app faster and smoother.

In conclusion, I think that, even if it cloud be difficult to implement, this idea cloud be really funny to use.
As every idea that starts from a need, it has potential.

What do you think about this idea? Write me on LinkedIn!