Where does this idea come from?

Last week I went to a birthday party of a friend.
It was pretty cool with many people in a big location.

The only bad thing was the music.
There was not a DJ, but two speakers you could connect your phone to and play the song you wanted.
On one hand, it was ok because we could choose our favorite songs, on the other hand the music stopped every time a song finished.
We used a playlist too, but it misses seconds between songs as well.
My friend told me that a good DJ was too expensive.

So I think: “It’s incredible that there aren’t easy apps that mix songs together automatically.”

What did I do?

The next day I started searching and I found only one app for iOS that does this and nothing for Android.
The app I found is very good and user-friendly, but in my opinion it could be better.

So, I thought and realized a design for this kind of app.
I think it should allow you to create custom mixes and, if you enjoy it, save them; at the same time the app will propose to you different mixes for all kinds of events or mixes of famous DJs.
The music never stops and you can choose the order in which play the songs and change them whenever you want.

Obviously the difficult part will be the coding of the algorithms that mix songs perfectly.


I think the core business could be a premium account with a special mix or, more easily, propose to the user paid personalized mixes.

What do you think about this idea? Write to me on LinkedIn!